8-9am: Ori and I get back home and I make coffee. I put the coffee in my “Best Dad Ever” mug.

I briefly wonder if Donald Trump has a “Best Dad Ever” mug and, if so, who would give him one. I bet you Joe Biden gets one every year.

I’m only half kidding.

I check the news for the first of what I suspect will be 1,000 times today. I start with the sites I usually go to, but I’m sure by the end of the day I’ll be on over 20 unique sites. It’s that kind of day. The news says that there’s no news yet. The election may be a total blowout, or “closer than people think.” The media has been very…..careful this time around.

Then, Ori and I make egg sandwiches.

Hair Brushing

Brushing Helena’s hair, I feel, is one of the crowning achievements of our parenting. What used to be a screaming session at the mere thought gradually evolved into a sprint around the house and now a resigned “ok”. We’re off to school!

We get in the car and I fill out this morning’s COVID screening tool. No symptoms, because this kid’s ready to face the day.

A great song plays while we drive; both Helena and I are keeping beat. It’s cold out, but much more mild than yesterday. Good start to the day.

“Is Donald Trump Here?”

7am, Election Day 2020

Helena’s having a hard time getting dressed for school this morning because of her newfound fear of Donald Trump.

I don’t know why it took her until just before Election Day to develop this fear, but now Donald Trump is some sort of boogeyman who’s going to come to our house and prevent her from putting on socks.

This man needs to be voted out ASAP. You don’t fuck with my kids socks.

Welcome to Dad’s Election Day blog.