Out Walking/Polls


Ori and I go out for a walk!

Every day, around 10am, Ori and I head outside. With the exception of heavy rain, we’ve been successful in getting out each day. It’s windy today, and cold, so we bundle up. My Uncle Sam hat blows around in the breeze.

We get back home and Ori wants to go out back into the swing set. After 5 minutes or so she realizes it’s cold. We go in, have a snack, and I put her down for her nap.

Today I think back to 4 years ago. Helena was only a few months old, born into a country that had elected (and re-elected!) its first Black president. We were about to elect our first woman president. I was happy for her, to be born into that world.

A couple of things that I think are worth reminding people of:

A Donald Trump presidency is genuinely traumatic for large segments of our population, whether it be survivors of sexual assault, immigrants, people confronted by everyday racism, people of high empathy, etc… Please be kind to yourself, and kind to the people around you.

The polls are looking good for Biden, and have been consistent over time. If Biden wins every state that he is projected to, he’ll already have enough points in the electoral college to win, without even taking into account several “swing” states that are toss-ups at this point.

So there’s reason to be cautiously optimistic. However, if you are a person who was severely disappointed by the election results of 4 years ago, you may want to do some self check-ins.


See you in a few.


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