Pine Cones

Several months ago, Helena and I started collecting pine cones with the intention of “decorating” them later. I figured we’d slap some cheap paint on them and call it a day.

Helena earns prizes at home by doing small chores around the house. Pick-up-her-toys stuff. She picked out this set of Elmer’s Glitter Pens:

I’m not selling anything here. You can use Elmer’s products or not.

I may have to stop using them myself, and make my own glitter glue, because otherwise my new hobby will get pretty expensive.

I obviously decided to combine the glitter pens with the pine cones. Helena made one and I made one. I was pleased with the result, so I started to make more.

I’ve now made 5 glitter pine cones in two days. I’ve run out of pine cones, and also more than a few glitter pens.

I caught myself the other day in a moment of what I can only express as “pure joy,” I was so happy that I had found a thing I could do at home that was relatively cheap, offered immediate satisfaction, and helped me flex some creative muscles.

I’ve never been one for crafting. I don’t tend to look at materials and think “huh, bet you I can make something out of that.” For whatever reason, this whole pine cone thing really took off.

I’m going to coat them with something to preserve them. Then I’m likely going to make more.

I’m also going to buy Helena some replacement glitter pens, because Dad bought her a thing, turned it into a family event, and then turned it into an individual obsession.

I feel slightly ridiculous. But look at these damn things!

Have a good day!


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