Day 2

Good morning!

How’s your election anxiety? I stopped posting last night because there was nothing new to report in.

It’s a sunny day, and expected to be warmer than yesterday. The rest of the week looks very pleasant.

Arizona has been called for Biden. There are scenarios in which Biden will win, even if he loses PA, but he’d have to carry Wisconsin and Michigan. Last I heard, they were both looking good. Even Georgia is awaiting votes from around the Atlanta area and is proving to be a close race. Emma tells me she’s going to “manifest” some blue votes today, so you’re in good hands.

I dropped Helena off at school and decided to treat myself to a fancy coffee. Ori and I are going to be outside as much as we can.

Michigan officials are confident of having results by later this afternoon. Wisconsin may wait until tomorrow. PA is enjoying it’s time in the sun.

It’s closer than I would have liked. Maybe closer for you, too.

Get outside this week. Take care of yourselves.


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