Later on Day 2

Hello everyone. I hope your news-tracking is going well.

It was a nice day today, hovering around 50 degrees, and sunny. Ori and I got out for a mid-morning stroll.

I picked Helena up from school and the three of us went for a walk/jog through the neighborhood. Helena wore my Uncle Sam hat.

As I write this, Michigan has been called for Biden, as has Wisconsin. By my reading of the polls and the news, Biden is also close in Georgia and PA, with plenty of votes set to come in from from really blue areas.

Arizona and Nevada are also leaning blue, with Arizona being called for Biden, depending on which network/source you listen to.

The nature of absentee and mail voting makes it so a lot of blue votes have been delayed in several states. For those hoping for an “election night blowout” and feeling disappointed, I hope you can recapture the excitement if Biden pulls way ahead as things move forward.

Next round of reports is expected for 9pm EST. See you soon.


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